Catarina Göthe


Catarina has extensive experience as CFO in growth companies and for the past 15 years she has worked as a company leader within different corporate structures with forms of ownership in industries such as IT, investment and outsourcing. Catarina is driven by building and growing companies with strong commitment. Catarina is passionate about building and growing companies and joined BTR in February of 2023.

Catarina leads with heart and compassion and therefore embodies the values of BTR.

Maria Broman

COO Personnel

Maria has many years of experience working with accounting and human resources, especially within small and medium-sized companies. Maria also has experience as an entrepreneur and consultant, which greatly deepens her understanding and experience of working with many different people, in different types of systems and processes.

Maria is currently responsible for the BTR’s EOR team.

Kerli Andersén

COO Accounting

Kerli is passionate about accounting and has more than 20 years’ experience as an accountant. She has had the privilege of helping various clients from different industries and has comprehensive knowledge in various areas of accounting.

Kerli is currently responsible for the BTR’s accounting team.