Entering the Nordic Market

– Made Easy

Being an employer in the Nordic countries can be complicated. There are a lot of administration, rules and regulations one must follow to be an employer. This can be both time- and cost consuming for a business who wishes to enter the Nordic market.
With our Employer of Record services this will be avoided. We help you hire the right staff and assist you in establishing your business in the Nordics – in the fastest and smoothest way possible!

You know who you want to hire

– We know the rest!

We will hire the right staff for your needs and deliver all the services that a Nordic employer is responsible to provide. We make sure our employees are insured according to applicable laws and regulations, ensuring taxes and social security fees are correctly reported and paid. Along with these mandatory tasks we will be the local point of contact for your staff and your company here in the Nordics. We also have the right contacts to help with relocation and immigration services if needed.

In order to deliver the best possible service, we are firm believers in personal contact with our customers – we are always just a phone call or email away.
We will help with every step in your Nordic journey – no matter how long or short.

We know the Nordic Market

BTR has been up and running since 1989 and have been practicing EOR since 2012, so we know a thing or two about the Nordic market. When using us as your Employer of Record in the Nordics you can rest assured you have the best help at hand. Besides taking full responsibility as your local Nordic employer, we can also assist with the following services:

  • Work permit sponsoring

  • Finding office space

  • Car leasing

  • Health Benefits

  • Insurance

  • Always compliant with labor laws and regulations

Why EOR?

Makes it possible for a foreign actor to establish itself on a new local market

EOR, short for Employer of Record, makes it possible for a foreign player to establish its presence on a new local market, in a quick and easy way. When using EOR services you do not need to have a legal entity, learn about and keeping up with complex local laws and regulations. The only thing you need to know is who you want us to hire and we take care of the rest. With our EOR services you also get express help when applying for a work visa/work permit – so you can start working!